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I often feel like I am sliding around in my saddle. What can I do?

Are you unable to find the “right” spot in the saddle? If this is the case a deeper seat is usually the best solution to give you the sense of security, comfort and placement you need.

My trainer is constantly telling me to keep my leg back. I feel like I am fighting to keep my leg in the right position. Can saddle fitting help?

The most common reason for fighting leg position is a saddle being out of balance.

A saddle which is not level puts your seat and leg in the wrong position and creates pressure areas beneath the saddle on your horses back.

If the horse has been fitted with the correct tree size, the panels on the underside can be adjusted through re-flocking to bring your saddle back into balance.

I am sore from hitting the pommel. Do I just need a new saddle?

Your saddle might be too low and the saddle is sending you forward. This is fixable by a narrower tree or re-flocking to bring the front up. Or the pommel design of your saddle might be too high in which case you need a saddle with a lower pommel.

I feel “locked in” position. I cant move in my saddle, and my aids are not coming through.

You probable need a saddle which offers a flatter, more open seat design. Though, sometimes the solution is as simple as a larger seat size. Deep seat dressage saddles always fit smaller than flatter seats. Saddle Seat size is a lot like the size of jeans. Each make and model varies a bit. You may be a 17 in one and an 18 in another. The outcome- support for your pelvis and seat bones, correct leg and flap position, and enough area for you to comfortably communicate with your horse- should determine your seat size.


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