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Nancy Dotti
Nancy Dotti has always loved horses. Her very first job at fifteen at a stable was giving children riding lessons and training horses. She loved the mental challenge of Dressage and the adrenalin of Jumping cross country even with a horse that was convinced he would die if he touched water. After College and a science degree Nancy combined her experience with her real passion while riding and training with an Olympic rider. It was there she met one of the first custom saddlers in the USA and began her professional training in order to apply science and technology to improving horse movement through saddle fit.

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Nancy has trained with the owners, saddlers and designers at County Saddlery, Performance Saddlery and Albion Saddlery to learn more about saddle design, manufacture, fitting, and rider comfort. She continued her saddle training at The Society of Master Saddlers in the UK and the Master Saddle Society of the US. From both of these elite societies she became certified as a Master Saddle Fitter. She is a member of the Society of Master Saddlers of the UK and the Master Saddlers Society in the USA.

Nancy learns from each horse and rider she works with. Challenging horses inspire creative solutions which is what continues to makes saddle fitting exciting even after twenty years. Combining horse and rider biomechanics with the tenets of Saddle Fit have made Nancy an expert in her field and noted lecturer throughout the United States. Nancy continues to ride and train horses and has now successfully trained many young horses to happily go into water including the ocean.*

*not recommended for longevity of your saddle…

Michele Guttenberg
Since a childhood growing up in the urban jungle of Los Angeles, Michele Guttenberg has always maintained an affinity for four footed friends, beginning with dogs, rabbits and chickens (much to her suburban parents chagrin) and segueing to horses. At Pepperdine University Stables, where she began training in earnest, she learned the importance of contact and communication between rider and horse.

In 1997, Michele Guttenberg began working with Nancy Dotti, to extend support to equestrians seeking to improve their riding experience. An avid athlete, Michele continues to combine her passion for horses with the skills brought into focus through physical training. Whitewater kayaking has brought greater definition to her riding position, daily yoga continues to improve her core stability, and running after her sons keep her fit.

Michele has worked and trained with the owners, saddlers and designers of County Saddlery, Performance Saddlery and Albion Saddlery, and is a trained US Saddle Rep. She continues her education, with special interest in human and equine biomechanics. She brings extensive knowledge of Albion Saddlery, having attended numerous workshops, seminars and working alongside saddlers in the factory.

Michele Guttenberg has taught and trained other professionals in the art and science of Saddle Fit. She understands the importance of passion and expertise, and looks forward to helping you find the saddle that fits.

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